dimanche 23 août 2015

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Yesterday, I have received this email from Mylikes - I had a hard time believing this as I have been using them for a couples years and only saw rev going down, down, down and down. Well guess what? Today, My revenue doubled !! If you stopped using them for X reason.. you might want to try it out for one last shot !


We are seeing more advertising demand over the last few days. This means that you will be able to make MORE MONEY with us over the next fews day.

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Have fun!
The MyLikes Team
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I am in the process of becoming an IT Project Manager. My mission is to build a team for a specific clients needs and to let the team execute the project. My duty is to find the right people and to communicate between the team and the client till the project is finished.
What I am afraid about is following: Lets say the team doesnt deliver. Something happens. Or the product is not as envisioned by me. How to avoid legal trouble?
I think the best option is to create a legal paper which clearly states what the specific roles of the people involved are.

What do you think? Perhaps you have experience with similar problems. Thanks in advance.

greetings, Robert
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I have a method that I have used in the past with content lockers. This was humor based traffic and was able to earn quite a bit from it. Although it was not a long-term method as the content was for a "hack" on a specific app which didn't actually work. I didn't exactly want to do this as it had no long-term income just short quick income.

My question is how should I best capitalize on this traffic for long-term income?

Any and all advice is appreciated :)
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I am looking for a supplier (could be a wholesaler could be a dropshipper could also be another seller) who can provide me with one or more of the brands Lexar Seagate and Motorola (Lexar-memory card Seagate-external drive and Motorola smartwatch)
If you can provide any of the following I`m highly interested in your services
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123 Free Premium WordPress Themes

Put together a quick site for you guys with 123 Premium WordPress Themes from WooThemes and Elegant Themes. There are at least $2,500 worth of themes here for you guys to download so you're saving a ton if you ever planned on purchasing any of the themes available for download. I'll add more themes periodically. If you have any issues with downloading, let me know.

Enjoy! :D

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Hey guys,

just got a new HOME landing page design for my current website and looking for an expereinced and professional HTML coder.

The website is already online with full working content we just need to update and code the new HOME. Than we also need to cut the new header a little and use it for the other innerpages so all innerpages have same header and footer.

Regarding the other innerpages we wont do any changes EXCEPT that we use the new pricing tables which we have on our HOME as well so that will be like a copy paste thing to do.

Buged will be 80$ for this job and not a single cent more as I am on low funds currently.

if you not willing to work for the buged or requirements simply DONT POST HERE!
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My attempted JV threads are not going live. I am following the rule
We no longer allow requests for financial investments on the JV section of BHW. Only offer true JV's ie you're good at content I'm good at bringing traffic lets find someone who is good at site design.

It has been over a week since my attempts. What is the cause?